I have always found it difficult telling people what I do for a living. People just don’t quite know how to react to the news that I am a divorce lawyer. Perhaps this is the bad press that surrounds lawyers generally, the reputation of being sharks more concerned about fees than helping clients. Wanting to be a divorce lawyer is even more difficult for people to understand, the misconception being that such work must be harrowing or depressing.

The truth, however, is that working with clients who are going through such a stressful period is tremendously rewarding and, indeed, inspiring.

Most people will attend our first meeting upset and frightened of what the future holds for them and their family. Many have never worked, or run their own finances, and are now faced with having to take responsibility for every area of their lives. This, at a time when their emotions are raw and they can hardly think straight.

Despite such pressures, however, the vast majority of clients react in a positive way to their situation, being able to rise above the pettiness of the arguments and show dignity and forgiveness way beyond that which one would expect in such a situation.

But the most inspiring part is seeing the transformation from that first meeting to the person who emerges at the end of their case. So often the fear and desperation that riddles a client at the beginning turns to independence, confidence and a sense of taking control of their lives. Many have started a new career, moved home or have entered into another relationship; somehow they have made such a seemingly desperate experience a positive one to learn from and move forward.

To be part of this journey is a privilege. It gives me the inspiration to go to work each day and help clients facing the challenge of separation and all that goes with it. After over 20 years as a family law solicitor, I am immensely grateful to be doing this type of work and hope it will continue for many years to come.


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