At E J Coombs, we are always looking for ways to make information more accessible to our clients, so we are very pleased to be introducing LawConnect, an exciting new development in client communications.

LawConnect is a secure document management portal that allows us to share documents securely, as well as our clients being able to securely upload their own documents, such as payslips and bank statements, which will be instantly available for the lawyer to work with.

The system is fully encrypted using the latest encryption technology and documents are securely held online. The client is emailed a link to the document, rather than the document itself. Unwanted interception of emails and/or post is a real concern for many clients, especially in family law cases; this system completely eliminates that risk as the client alone has the login and password for their document portal.

We will be rolling in the use of LawConnect gradually and will contact clients with further information as and when the system is available to them. Using the system will be entirely voluntary but we are confident that clients will find it easy and convenient.

For more information see this short video demonstrating how to use the system and access documents.