Contingency Planning – Coronavirus

With the news and situation changing daily and the uncertainty about the effects this will have on all of us, we would like to update you on our contingency and continuity plans.

We have always kept our business structure up to date with the latest technology in order to provide the best service we can. This technology allows us to work flexibly to avoid any interruptions to our service during this challenging period.  Our case management software is an encrypted cloud based system which means your solicitor can effectively work from any location should there be a need for them to self isolate or work from one of our other offices. This would be completely seamless and would be largely unnoticeable from your perspective. You can also continue to access your documents on our LawConnect portal, and invoices and credit card payments can be made online through RapidPay.
We have IT support from an offsite supplier, and an IP telephone system that can be configured and accessed remotely so your solicitor will remain fully contactable in most eventualities.
In reality there is little need for us or you to change anything at the moment, however we understand that people may be apprehensive about face to face contact or visiting places of businesses, even though the risks are small. For that reason we can conduct meetings and consultations via telephone or video link if needed. If you do visit the office, we will leave it up to you whether you shake hands, elbows or nothing at all!
Please rest assured that we will continue to provide a high level of professional legal service through this period but if you have any worries please ring us on 01245 221699 or email your solicitor.