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Single Will & Mirror Will Services

Single Will

This type of will is a document created by an individual and sets out some fairly simple wishes about what happens on their death. Typically it will set out:

  • Appointment of Executors
  • Noting any specific gifts
  • Nominating a beneficiary who will receive the remainder of the Estate after all other beneficiaries have received their inheritance and all debts have been paid
  • Nominating guardians for any children
  • Specifying any charitable gifts
  • Outlining your desired funeral arrangements

Mirror Wills

Mirror wills are suitable for a couple who have the same or very similar wishes upon their death. The documents will contain essentially the same information as a single will but typically structured such that each will specifies that the estate will be left to the spouse and then alternative beneficiaries upon the death of the surviving spouse. As the content of each document tends to “mirror” the content of the other this option is typically more cost effective than having individual wills as well as giving more control over the wishes of both parties.