We are operating as usual with some social-distancing measures in place and can be contacted by telephone or email - 01245 221699 or enquiries@ejcoombs.co.uk.
We are seeing an increase in demand for Wills and LPAs. Please note we have not increased our fees, and will not be. We will continue to offer our services regardless of demand.

Probate Fixed Fees

Our detailed costs and typical timing are laid out in detail on the probate page – here however here is a summary of the fees.


If you need assistance with administering an Estate, we can offer the following services:

Grant Only – no IHT due £834 (£695+VAT)
Grant Only – with full IHT Accounts £180+VAT (per hour)
Full administration of an Estate    £180+VAT (per hour)*
Affidavit                                                                     £120 (£100+VAT)
Renunciation Deed/Power Reserved Notice £96 (£80+VAT)

*In accordance with the Law Society’s suggested guidelines, an additional percentage will be made on our final bill, based on the gross value of the assets collected or transferred; the maximum percentages that will be applicated in this case are 0.5% on the residence and 1% on the remaining assets.  VAT is added to these charges.

An additional fee of £120 (£100+VAT) is payable if a Hospital or Home Visit is preferred.

In addition, the Probate Registry fee to register a Grant is currently £155 plus £1.50 for each additional copy.

We recommend that our Clients place Trustee Notices in the local newspaper and London Gazette.  This fee varies but is usually in the region of £200-£300.  We will obtain a quote for you before the order is made.

If the net Estate is valued under £5,000, the Registry fees are exempt.