We are operating as usual with some social-distancing measures in place and can be contacted by telephone or email - 01245 221699 or enquiries@ejcoombs.co.uk.
We are seeing an increase in demand for Wills and LPAs. Please note we have not increased our fees, and will not be. We will continue to offer our services regardless of demand.
EJ Coombs Family Solicitors in Essex

Legal Fees from E J Coombs Family Law Solicitors in Essex

We are passionate about providing our clients with value for money; our aim is to provide the highest quality advice and support without the price tag of  a larger firm.

Our clients are provided with a realistic estimate of their likely costs at the outset and at frequent intervals during their case. We believe in being open about the fees we charge and keeping clients informed at all times.

We offer a variety of ways for clients to manage their legal fees. We offer fixed fees packages for some services, which are detailed on our fixed fee page. These arrangements provide for an agreed amount of work for a completely fixed cost.

We may also be able to tailor an agreed fee for an aspect of your particular case once we are aware of the details of your situation.

In circumstances where a fixed fee arrangement is not appropriate, our work is calculated based on the amount of work undertaken – usually based on an hourly charging rate.

In those cases, we will provide invoices on a monthly basis (unless there are either no or minimal fees in any particular month) so that you are kept up to date with the level of fees at all times.

Where appropriate, we may advise you to seek payment of your fees from your ex-partner and assist you in claiming such a payment via the courts if necessary.

We can also put you in contact with specialist litigation loan companies who provide finance to cover legal fees in appropriate cases.

Our normal methods of payment are on our payments page, but we are always willing to discuss this issue with you and explore different options.