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Pre-Marital & Pre-Nuptial Agreements

A pre-marital agreement (sometimes called a “pre-nuptial agreement”) is an agreement made before a couple marries, setting out how their financial and other affairs are to be conducted during their relationship and in the event that the relationship comes to an end.  They are particularly popular in other European countries.  In England, the courts are not yet allowed to follow a pre-marital agreement alone and other facts of the case must still be considered.  Such agreements can, however, be a good indication of the parties’ intentions and increasingly the English courts are taking them into account when considering the appropriate settlement.

These agreements can be as flexible as you wish. They can cover financial arrangements, arrangements for children and any other matter about which a couple wants to be clear.  To avoid being challenged, the agreement should be completed no less than ten weeks before the wedding date and both parties should have independent legal advice and full knowledge of the other’s financial position. The agreement should be reviewed regularly.

We are happy to prepare pre-marital agreements, whether these be in connection with a first marriage or a subsequent marriage where the couple may wish to preserve the assets that they are bringing into the marriage for children of their former relationship.

For simple pre-marital agreements we offer a fixed fee.  For other agreements we are usually able to provide a bespoke fixed fee once we have some information relating to the case.