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Protect Yourself Advice & Support from EJ Coombs Solicitors

The most important thing in any abusive or violent situation is to take immediate steps to protect yourself and your children.

If need be phone the police, or leave the house and go to a friend’s house. Before you take any further steps, remove yourself from the immediate threat of harm.

After that there are a number of practical steps which you can take to protect yourself and start down the road of resolving the situation.

  • keep a diary of events
  • take photographs of any injuries
  • keep the police informed – each individual event may seem petty for the police but it will help them to build up an overall picture in the event that any criminal proceedings are brought
  • If you need to seek medical attention keep a note of the date and time and name of any medical professionals that you see

After you have protected yourself from any immediate or further harm, please contact us and we can take steps to resolve your situation.

Often just taking that first step, or making that first phone call will lift a weight from your shoulders and set you on the road to a more fulfilling future