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Court Orders

It is possible to apply to the courts for orders to protect yourself and the children from further abuse.

Non Molestation Orders

These orders will provide for a general protection from violence, harassment or indeed any contact from your ex-partner.  If someone is found to have breached a Non-Molestation Order intentionally, they can be arrested by the Police and can be sentenced up to five years in prison.  It is therefore a powerful weapon to have in your armoury against further domestic violence.

Occupation Order

This order can regulate who may live in the family home, how near someone may come to the family home or the area surrounding it.  If there has been serious abuse, a court can attach a power of arrest to the order which would enable to the Police to arrest anyone who would seem to be breaching the order.

Restraining Orders

If there are any criminal proceedings underway against the offending party, the Criminal Courts can impose a restraining order on them.  This is similar to a Non-Molestation Order/ Occupation Order and also carries criminal sanctions if breached.